The expanded 2014 LP edition of Waterworks
is out now on CD , digital, and vinyl featuring 3 new additional tracks. Waterworks is an eclectic mix of songs showcasing David Schelzel and Oed Ronne's keen ability to craft electronic as well as '60s-inspired pop-music. The relesae includes collaborations with some of the band's friends, Jim Ruiz and Allen Clapp.

Praise for Ultramarine, The Ocean Blue's 2013 full length album:

"Ultramarine isn't just a return to form; it's one of The Ocean Blue's best albums."
- All Music

"The 12 songs on Ultramarine recall the sincere clarity of the band's self-titled 1989 debut and 1991's Cerulean with songs that soar with grace, blend cascading guitars and rich keyboards with lyrics that manage to evoke sentimentality, optimism and an appropriate romantic longing without being cloying or grating."
- The Huffington Post, Washington Post, Yahoo Music, Mpls StarTrib

"The band's signature sound -- jazzy, atmospheric pop -- has aged nicely, as has frontman David Schelzel's voice....The record is a nice return and the band's signature, dreamy/melodic sound still plays well in 2013. "
- Brooklyn Vegan

"The Ocean Blue returns with a new album, Ultramarine (four and 1/2 stars out of five). It is a true return to form for fans of their two biggest albums while providing a perfect entry point for fans of heartbreakingly gorgeous, shimmering guitar pop..."
- Pop Dose

"It's fresh but also sounds like beautiful, vintage Ocean Blue."
- USA Today



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