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Ultramarine CD
Waterworks LP (2014)
The 2014 reissue with 3 new tracks

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$9.99 (Ships 9/2/14)

Ultramarine CD
The new album from The Ocean Blue. A spectacular return to form!

ON SALE $9.99

Gorgeous Vinyl LP + MP3 download 


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on Bandcamp

Set of three Ultramarine Album Art Stickers


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Waterworks T
Limited Selection.
Fountain or logo, gravel or
lt. blue


Band Poster
limited run poster of the band shot Feb 2013 in Seattle

Korda 1 Kompilation
2 songs from each band
on Korda. A great intro to
the band's label.


Korda 2 Komp
Korda Records 12 song CD Sampler, many tracks unavailable elsewhere.

ON SALE $5.99

Sad Night Single
CD single plus B-side
"Bleary Eyed". Available
only here

ON SALE $3.99

Dreamy. Youthful Heights.
"Ballerina Out of Control".


Davy Jones Locker
Band's first indie LP featuring 13 rare tracks. New.


Indie debut EP
"Denmark" plus 3.


Beneath the
Rhthym & Sound

A pop masterpiece.
Featuring "Sublime"
and "Crash". Used.


See The Ocean Blue
Lost gem of a record.
"Ways & Means", "Slide"
Liv Ullmann cover.



2013 The Ocean Blue