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Peace and Light

Peace and Light


  1. Peace of Mind
  2. There is a Light That Never Goes Out (live)
  3. Don't Believe Everything You Hear (live)
  4. Sea of Green (non-album track) 


David Schelzel - vocals and guitar 

Rob Minnig - drums, keyboards, backing vocals

Bobby Mittan - bass guitar

Steve Lau - keyboards.


All songs by D. Schelzel (© 1993 Wassermusik EMI Blackwood Music BMI) except "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" by Morrissey/Marr (©1986 Morrissey/Marr Songs Ltd. adm. by Warner Tamerlane Pub. Corp. PRS).

Produced by The Ocean Blue. 

Engineered and mixed by Rob Minnig, except track 2 & 3, mixed by Joe Alexander and track 1 produced by Kevin Moloney & The Ocean Blue, mixed by Michael Brauer.

Tour crew: Dan McGee: tour mngr., Joel Rieff: FOH Engineer, Luc Sanche: lighting, Dave Miller: films, & Ed Ronne: guitars and 2nd guitar player.

Track One is from Beneath The Rhythm and Sound, the third record from The Ocean Blue (4/2-45369).  Track Two is from a recording made live.  The sublime original version of that track can be found on The Smiths, The Queen is Dead.  Track Three is from a live performance as well, and Track Four is the state of affairs, the summer of 1992 at Rob's brother's house, demo recording. ~ DGS.

Our thanks to Howie Klein and Seymour Stein, Mr. Peter Standish and Joe McEwen, Ms. Sandy Alouete and Molly Reeve-Morrison, Mr. Rich Fitzgerald and Steve Tipp, Mr. Carl Scott, Mr. Dan McGee and Joel Rieff, Oed Ronne, Messrs. Morrissey and Marr and, of course, Mr. Peter Freedman.  Thanks also to our audiences in Chicago and Salt Lake City.



This, a new revelation

speaks a message to me

with out hesitation

rings out loud and clear


Seize your peace of mind


This American nation

takes the message from me

with out hesitation

robs the message from me


Seize your peace of mind


Without all the fanfare

rings out loud and clear

With out all the grandstands

rings out loud and clear

Wait up for me

Wait up for me now


This, the ancient of nations

holds the message for me

with out hesitation

rings out loud and clear


Seize your peace of mind



Pardon me

Am I supposed to listen

To your jaded views

Rusted as they glisten


Don't believe him


You survive

Your blatant contradictions

You submit

Reality revisions


Don't believe him





All alone

On a swarming sea

All alone

Like a drowning man

Sky above

Mirrors sea below

Stars above

Mirrors souls below

Crest and fallen so serene

You belong to me

Drifting, Falling Ocean Blue

Is now a Sea of Green.